CrossFit South Bay - 058The push to get healthy and fit is getting a little crazy these days. People are spending unimaginable amounts of money on all types of specialty products, organics, supplements, tools, work out videos, fitness classes, gym memberships, and the endless supply of items.

For some reason, it is easy to forget that we come stock with everything we need to be healthy and physically fit. All we have to do is use the tools we have been blessed with to shape our bodies to our own design. It is important to differentiate the the difference between the person you choose to envision yourself as and the image of what we have been programmed to believe we should look like. If you have ever seen the cover of a popular magazine and note how “perfect” the person on the cover looked, you have been a victim of faulty programming. For the image that was used for the cover or spread in a magazine or the like has been so tampered with and photo-shopped that the person in the picture doesn’t even recognize themselves sometimes.

Now you can go crazy if you want to and spend tons of money on workout equipment and the infinite “needs” of getting physically fit. You can join a gym and pay to have access to the best workout equipment and facilities that are around. You can also start with what you have, right where you are, right now.

Within your mind, you can carve out what it is that you want to look and feel like and then you can take action steps to shape your body to the design of your choosing.

But… you have to choose to.

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