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Why Men Aren’t Really Men Anymore

Paul Hudson recently shared Why Men Aren’t Really Men Anymore on Elite Daily.

The question, “Why aren’t Men Really Men Anymore?” is very simply answered. “Real” men are trained by real fathers. We are 6 – 7 generations deep into fatherless children, men & women. That means, there is no example around for a young man to see how to treat a woman that he has feelings for or any other woman for that matter. Just the same, there are no “Ladies” around to show young women how to act around a “Real” man. 

So that leaves us with, like the Paul said above, toddler minded boys in adult bodies trying to re-enact porn scenes with toddler minded girls in adult bodies that have never seen how a “Real” woman or a “Real” man is supposed to be. Toddler boys looking for new mommies and toddler girls looking for new daddies. 

As a new father that grew up without one, I’ve had to take it upon myself to learn how to treat my “Lady” (and she actually is one who has helped bring my first born into this world), how to respectfully communicate with men and women alike, how to treat myself and how to be father without ever having seen what one was supposed to be like. Anyone that grew up without a dad has certain mental conditioning (or lack there of) that makes it harder to know what we’re supposed to do. Situations arise with my son that I feel I just don’t know what to do about, while other situations happen with him that make me feel like I’ve know what to do all along. 

Like a computer, software that isn’t installed isn’t there at the moment it is needed. Unless toddlers in grown up bodies take it upon themselves to download and install and update necessary applications (like for example; the difference between f*cking just to get a nut off and sharing a sexually emotional relationship with the woman of your dreams {if you think you can have sex without leaving an emotional imprint within all involved parties, it’s time for a system update}, how to tell the difference between a woman and a girl regardless of age, how to raise a young man or a young woman, how to treat your partner in front of your children and other to set the best example for yourself, your lover, your family, the people around you, and the world at large, how to move with kindness and chivalry {if you don’t know what the word “chivalry” actually means, you better google it – I’m talking to both males and females here} while still being manly and true to yourself, how to calm your mind and take care of your body while motivating others to do the same, how and what to eat to maintain basic levels of health as opposed to mediocre survival [which is what most genetically modified humans do these days], or how to love yourself, this list can go on further but I think if you’re reading this still you’ve gotten the point by now), the generations to come will end up looking like “Wall-E” – oversized garbage dumps with google vision goggles attached to our faces who can’t even see the magnificent and limitless world before our eyes. 

A side note, if you are guy that has been watching porn for more than five years, your mind is officially f*cked and it’s time to go get some p*ssy other than your hand. Every nut that gets unloaded should be planting a seed, going down the hatched, or getting rubbed into the skin of a woman you actually care about.

In the information age, it’s time learn some new information –

Paul, thanks for asking questions. “Real” men and woman ask questions and question the answers we get. If you don’t like the answers you’re getting, ask better questions.

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