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Thoughts become things.

Alter the MindRealization of this fact can have monumental effects on life as we know it. The choice to think specific thoughts from moment to moment is one that can sculpt a design for the life one wants.

whispers in the electric mist…

The secret is hidden within the mind. Whispering in your ear, remarking at whatever happens throughout the day, always something to say…

….but is it you?

Is the voice in your head speaking words of your own? Are you sure? If the words you hear in your head are not your own… then who’s words are they? For people all over the world, these questions are a source of madness that gets in the way of enjoying the process of living life. People seem to loose sight of the fact that of all the things that we try to control throughout our lives, the only thing we truly have control over is our thoughts.

But, we have to choose to do so.


We have to choose the words in our heads with intention. To do this, it helps if one has an intention to begin with. Pick one. Really. Anything! It’s okay. The only rules in this game are the ones we put in place around ourselves. In the game of life, the life that we experience is a direct result of what we have chosen to do, say, and think for every moment we have lived up until the point we are experiencing right now. It is no coincidence you are reading this right now. These words are here to assist and facilitate processes that need to take place within the mind to realize that everything that happens starts with what we think.It can be as simple or profound as you’d like. The more profound the statements made in the mind or in spoken word, the more of a lasting impression that is made on the mind. Impressions are made in the form of emotional chemical imprints. These emotional imprints, imprints left in the subconscious by the chemical emotions that are released at any given moment, emotional memories, can leave fragments behind that are very easily forgotten or pushed away to create behavior patterns that effect how we interact with the Universe and everything in it on a daily basis.When we choose the thoughts and consciously guide the emotional imprints we make on ourselves, we are directly effecting our behavior patterns and the impression we leave on the world. To think about something that makes you smile or leaves you with a feeling of gratitude or reverence is to kick start your mind into a state in which anything is possible.

messages of light…

The body can be broken up into various levels (including but not limited too):

  • the physical level, the physical body in it’s state of effortless motion (breathing, blinking, etc.)
  • the organic level, each individual organ in their intricate web of perpetual flow that is our bodily functions, from our epidermis to our appendix
  • the nervous level, all the nerves and sensors of the body and it’s organic systems
  • the circulatory level, the constant stream of blood flow and filtration throughout the body
  • the energy or chi level, energy flow and circulation throughout the body
  • the cellular level, the creation, activity, and duplication of the cells a body is made of
  • the elemental level, the level at which all the elements that are in the Universe can be found within the body
  • the atomic level, units of light that are composed of neutral, positive, and negative energy

*When we are broken down to the nuts and bolts, all that is left is light*Picture

The thoughts that come in and out of our heads are no different. As messages of light, our thoughts flow through the brain and effect every part of our being. As we think and experience life, different chemical elements are released in the brain. These chemical elements are released in combinations to tell us how we feel at any particular moment. The more powerful or profound the experience, the more of a mark the chemicals leave. This chemical mark is an emotional imprint. These emotional imprints can become blessings when we choose and direct them with crystal clear intention. On the flip side, emotional imprints can affect our lives and the lives of those that are around us in undesirable ways if we allow ourselves to react to whatever happens instead of maintaining our will over ourselves and our thoughts by choosing how we respond.

life by design…

With understanding of what a thought is and how they generally work, you can begin to direct your thoughts to give instructions to your subconscious. Sending instructions to the subconscious can be simple enough if one takes the time to make a clear intention known to the Universe. Once written out, our ideas and thoughts have a spark of life about them. Once these thoughts, goals, or ideas are out of our heads, we can dedicate ourselves to creating the desired results. This can be achieved through various means but one method that has spawned amazing results for countless people that have put it to use is a simple written exercise. This written exercise should be done in a comfortable and quiet place where there are no distractions and little to no chance of being interrupted.

The Creation Exercise:

  1. Hold in your mind precisely what you want. Be specific, detailed, and definite.
  2. Decide what you are going to trade for what you want. Everything has a price.
  3. Pick a date by when you intend to have what you want.
  4. Lay out a plan of action for making your desire happen and then begin immediately to carry out that plan.
  5. Draft and perfect a clear, detailed statement explaining what you want, the time limit for its achievement, what you intend to give in return for receiving what you want, your detailed and definite plan for through which you are going to make it happen.
  6. Read your written or typed statement out loud, at least twice a day, the first time should be when you first awaken in the morning and the last should be right before you fall asleep for the night.
  7. As you read the statement you drafted aloud throughout the day, see, feel, and think yourself already in possession of what you want. Go past belief and know that it is yours already.

This is an interpretation of a method for directing instruction to the subconscious and by doing so, laying the foundation for creating the results you want out of life. This formula can be applied to anything that is desired on any level of existence. The fact of the matter is, you can carve out the life you want to live and be, do, and have whatever it is that you truly desire.

You just have to choose to.

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10 Keys to Raising Your Vibration


   The time has come for all of us here on Earth to choose what comes next. In order to evolve we must all raise our vibrations and expand our consciousness’ beyond the current definitions and limitations of this reality. To do this there are some definite things that have been proven to get an individual going in the desired direction.


Accept the truth inside of you and around you. Whatever you’re afraid to accept brings you down lower and lower.The first key to raising the vibration you emit is Truth. Lies bring vibration down.

Speak the truth, especially if it hurts. If you find honesty is challenging for you, it may be because you haven’t been honest enough with yourself yet. The lies you tell others are shadowed by the lies you have told yourself. The more you accept and speak the truth, the higher your vibration rises. Raise your vibration by gradually exposing and destroying of the itsy-bitsy pieces of falsehood from your life and environment. This could take some time. As you raise your vibration, honesty will become a natural part of your life.

Yes, there may be some residual effects and consequences that will have to be faced but that is a price that must be paid. Short-term fix-it lies compared to the living life honestly and openly. It’s so much better and less stressful to be yourself and allow others to do the same. Not everyone will appreciate your truth, especially if they have known nothing of you except your lies, but that won’t matter once you’ve accepted and fully appreciate yourself.


Courage raises your vibration. Cowardice brings your vibration epicly down. Courage is the guard between unconscious growth and conscious growth. Life will keep throwing problems at you as long as you remain on the unconscious side. Until you step up and take charge of your life, nothing will change. When you face your fears, the fear disappear, and problems and issues become opportunities. But when you run from your fears, they only grow.

Whatever you fear, you must face, period. The more fears you face, the higher your vibration rises. As you master this within yourself, eventually courage becomes unnecessary.
Once you’ve developed the courage to face anything life throws at you, you stop emitting fear-based vibrations into the Universe so this is no longer the experience life sends back. This is why courage is the brink between unconscious growth and conscious growth.

The mastery of courage grants the power to decide how you’ll grow instead of being a “mark” or victim of the will of fate.


Compassion and Love raise your vibration. Cruelty brings you and those around you down.

Become more aware of cruelty by looking for signs of unconscious cruelty and disconnection in your life. This can be challenging since it also requires courage. We often resist facing our own cruelty, but it’s always there just waiting to be uncovered and dispatched.

Compassion is the roots of unconditional love, the acknowledgement and feeling connectedness with everything that exists. Do you feel connected to yourself? To others? To animals? To all living things? To everything that exists? The more you develop this connection, the higher your vibration and more conscious you will become.


Desire raises your vibration while apathy lowers it. When you are clear about what you want, such as goals you’ve set for yourself, you raise your vibration to one that is more open to that which you desire. This clarity focuses your mind and gives you the power to think and act intelligently towards your desires. This can be felt whenever you think about something you definitely want.

On the other hand, when your desire is unclear, your vibration is all over the place. When your thoughts lack focus and direction, you just spin your wheels.

Strive to become crystal clear about what you truly desire, and your vibration will raise in that direction.


Attention raises your vibration, distraction lowers your vibration. Focusing on improving your ability to concentrate on one thing at a time will make you more conscious. Pick up a rock or sit and observe a tree or plant and give it your complete attention, and notice what happens. But allow your mind to be riddled with distractions, and your consciousness will sink. A distracted mind is a powerless mind.

Meditation is a terrific way to practice holding your attention and concentration. Meditation is simple to learn and practice, but can take a lifetime to master. Check out more on meditation here.


Knowledge raises your vibration, while ignorance lowers it.

The most important thing to know is yourself. Take the time to think deeply about your life, and use a journal or notebook to record your thoughts. Ask questions to which you don’t know the answer, and then search for those answers. Look around you and soak up knowledge like a sponge however you can. Interact with your environment with a sense of curiosity and wonder.  Push your own boundaries of comfort and test your resources and resourcefulness. Study it. Learn from it. Experiment with it.

Strive to understand your reality, your role in it, and what your options are. The more accurate your understanding about reality is, the higher your vibration will become.


Reason and Logic raise your vibration. Irrationality not only lowers your vibration but it’s after effects can last a lifetime.

Logic and reason lend structure and substance to thought. The great challenge we face is avoiding false assumptions. One lone false assumption can alter a lifetime of otherwise logical conclusions. So challenge everything you believe, and stay open to the possibility that things aren’t alwasys as they seem on the surface.

High Vibrationsyellow-dancer1

Those with higher than usual vibration naturally raise yours. People with low vibrations will bring you and your vibration down.

By consciously raising your vibration, you’ll attract others with high or similar vibrations. Seek these high vibratory and creative individuals out and talk to them, ask questions, and enjoy their presence. Allow their ideas and awareness to infect you, inspire you, and you’ll find yourself expanding in all directions. You’ll become more honest, more courageous, more compassionate, and knowledgeable just by being around certain people.

Spend time with people at a lower vibrations and you’ll gradually sink to their level. Their thoughts will infect you as well, causing you to become more dishonest, more fearful, more apathetic, etc.

Strive to find a balance between spending time with those who raise your vibration vs. spending time with those you can help. Learn from those who are a little more awake or have higher vibration level, and help those who are desire to become more than they think they are. In this manner you serve the highest good of all, raising not only your own vibration but the vibration of everything everywhere.


Energy raises your vibration. Dis-eases of any kind lowers it.

Taking care of your body keeps your vibration at a basic level of health. Stepping into the flow of energy gives you an ongoing flow of vital life experiences. But without energy you starve your consciousness.

Eat with an awareness of what you’re taking in and absorbing. Exercise with an awareness of how you’re affecting your body and your mind. Before putting anything in your body, consider its effect on your energy, not just in the short term but in the long term as well.

Always ask yourself, “Will this produce energy or disease?”


The intention to raise your vibration will raises it. The intention to lower your vibration lowers it.

Raising your vibration and expanding your consciousness has the capacity to self-expand or self-contract, just as you have the capacity to grow or begin to decay. At every given moment, you have the freedom of choice. By honestly voicing the intention (or by offering the prayer), “I intend to become more conscious and aware,” you will initiate the expansion of your consciousness and your vibration will raise. Holding the intention to improve in any of the previous nine areas will produce a similar effect.

Alternatively, you are perfectly free to lower your consciousness at any time. While it’s unlikely you would choose to do so directly, you can achieve the same effect indirectly by lowering your performance in any of the areas above. By choosing to lie, to succumb to fear, to commit acts of cruelty, to remain ignorant, and so on, you put out the intention to lower your vibration. And in so doing, you initiate a process that will attract more falsehood, fear, cruelty, ignorance, etc. into your life.

Every thought you hold serves to either expand or contract your consciousness, raising or lowering your vibration. There is no neutral. So choose wisely!

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