Wheel Barrel Garden

Today, it is ever increasingly easier and easier to grow your own food. One can go to any large supercenter store and get pots, soil, and the various tools and supplies that can be used to create a home garden as big or small as desired. Or you can get creative and use recycled goods to develop a completely unique edible landscape around your home.

The process is simple enough.

Start with picking a spot to lay out your garden or edible landscape. Dig up, arrange, or remove anything you need to get the area ready pots, raised beds or whatever growing vehicle you can find (like the old wheel barrel that was used to grow arugula, lettuce, and parsley in someones backyard gardenscape). Get everything in place and get your soil ready for growing.

Once the soil has been prepped (tilled, fertilized, and watered), now its time to plant some seeds. Organic heirloom seeds can be acquired anywhere online or in person at places like E.O.N. Seeds. Taking care as to get seeds that are not from genetically modified or chemical laden plants is a good idea. I mean, who wants to eat food that has been poisoned before it was even grown?

Some seeds need to be germinated, some can be put right into the soil. Whatever the seed’s process is, be sure to follow any specific growing instructions that you can find.

It is said, that Chinese bamboo must be tended to and watered for 5 years before it grows past a seedling. The reason it takes five years of care before shooting up towards the sky over the coarse of two months is because it takes the bamboo plant five years to develop a root system strong enough to support a, sometimes, 90 foot bamboo tree. This is not like ourselves and our gardens.

Care and love must be applied for extended periods of time to bear the fruits for which we so tirelessly strive for.

It is this fact that can be applied to all aspects of life. Continuously applied love and focus over time creates beautiful results. Layout your plots, prep your soil, germinate your seeds, tend to your garden, and reap what you sow. The gardening process is sound and has been a staple of life for humans for centuries. Just like before, right now, you can grow your own healthy and delicious food at your home, eat living plants instead of the food that has been dead and dying for who knows how long, and enjoy the benefits of fueling your body with nutrient rich, living foods.

But, like everything else… you have to choose to.

Wheel Barrel Garden

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